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Pomp in Music
July, 13 – September, 2 2017

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Menuhin's Heritage Artists

A new loyalty programme, duration five years (minimum)

We are pleased to present a new «contract of confidence» that the festival’s founder certainly would have been proud of! A «win-win» collaboration over five years (minimum) with young artists that like Menuhin demonstrate prodigy talents, charisma and an openness to the world that merit them the status as an ambassador to his memory...

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Gstaad Menuhin Festival goes digital and is called
«Gstaad Digital Festival»

On our new website we offer you selected concerts of the Gstaad Menuhin Festival for replay and we continue to produce new films and live streams from the festival. In the Digital Music Magazine we inform you about upcoming concerts through short videos and interviews with the performing artists. Additionally there will be live reviews of the broadcasted concerts by well known music critics.

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A brand new program at the Gstaad Menuhin Festival!

We are thrilled to expand our mission and create a plethora of new, enlivening, one of a kind experiences for our young audiences. This season we are offering a wide range of musical experiences, aimed at transporting all of our younger participants into the enchanting world of classical music, opening the door to heart-swelling, soul-stirring moments, ensuring lively conversations on the trip home and beyond.

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Concert Impressions 2016

Highlights 2017: Gstaad Mehnuhin Festival Multimedia


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