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July, 13 – September, 1 2018

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How to sing «Celeste Aida»?

Francesco Meli talks about his interpretation of Radamès in Gstaad

We will remember the stunning «Aida» from September 1 for a long time, especially for Francesco Meli's complex interpretation of Radamès. We have had the privilege to talk to him before his performance: Have a look at his take on his role and why he feels that concert performances allow for particularly subtle musical moments.

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70 concerts in 7 weeks

Closing weekend of the 61st Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy «Pomp in Music»

After seven weeks, nearly 70 concerts and some 25,000 visitors, the Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy brings this year’s edition to a triumphant close, and as in the last three peak summers once again with record crowds in the church in Saanen.

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Sol Gabetta talks about Jaap van Zweden

Star cellist Sol Gabetta talks about Jaap van Zweden, new principal conductor of the Gstaad Festival Orchestra

Watch the whole video and many more backstage videos on our digital platform!

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Concert Impressions 2017

Highlights 2017: Gstaad Mehnuhin Festival Multimedia


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