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Les Alpes
13 July – 1 September 2018

Discovery - a brand new program at the Gstaad Menuhin Festival!

Sharing music with young people

We are thrilled to expand our mission and create a plethora of new, enlivening, one of a kind experiences for our young audiences.
This season again we are offering a wide range of musical experiences, aimed at transporting all of our younger participants into the enchanting world of  classical music, opening the door to heart-swelling, soul-stirring moments, ensuring lively conversations on the trip home and beyond.

The definitive Discovery program 2018 will be online in February 2018. See the provisional program under:


Deadline and contact are given for each activity in the corresponding page.

When registering for Kids & Teens events please include the following information:

name of the child

date of birth

names, address and telephone numbers of the parents


Participants are responsible for their own insurance.
The participation in the Discovery program includes the consent of parents and children that any photographs taken at these events may later be used for festival purposes. The name of the children will not be mentioned.

Sponsors and Friends of music for young audiences

The «Discovery» program has been made possible through the generous support of Angelika Heerema and Babette Herbert as well as the Association of Festival Friends (children and family concert "On the tracks of Johannes Brahms").